Zoro Pfp has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine


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One Piece Anime Manga

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Zoro Pfp has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, with the chapters collected into eighty-two tankōbon volumes to date.

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who sets off in search of One Piece after his childhood friend Portgas D.

Ace dies at the hands of Whitebeard Pirates’ captain Captain Edward Newgate on Sabaody Archipelago when they were children. Luffy becomes an aspiring “Pirate King” by gaining notorious status as he embarks on various adventures around the world. Read here more about Zoro Pfp

One pieces like any other anime or manga these days have their own unique style that makes them stand out from others but one piece contains many elements which make it unique from other anime/manga and this includes its art style which is very stylised and colorful .

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Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji Vinsmoke is the third son of the Vinsmoke Family and a talented cook. He has been described as a skilled fighter, but he prefers to use his cooking skills to defeat his opponents. Sanji’s supernova bazooka is powerful enough to destroy any ship in one shot, making it one of the most feared weapons on this planet.

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Sanji has been shown to be quite resourceful when it comes to finding new ways around things that would normally prevent him from getting what he wants (i.e., food). In One Piece: Burning Blood, he used his “cooking” abilities along with Luffy’s abilities as an explorer/adventurer would normally do (i.e., climbing buildings etc.)

so they could escape from their captors after being captured by them earlier during their adventures through various locations within all continents except for Antarctica which everyone knows about

because there aren’t many people living there yet due mainly due lack interest by humans worldwide due lack interest by humans worldwide.

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Oden Kozuki

Oden was a member of the Kozuki Family, who were also known as the Three Musketeers. He was the father of Momonosuke and Kinemon.

Oden is usually depicted as a young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white shirt with black pants and boots. He also wears sunglasses; however, he does not have them when he fights against Akainu or Kizaru.[9]

In the past, Oden wore a black shirt with a red tie, and blue jeans. He also had shorter hair and did not have sunglasses.

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He has been seen with a cigarette in his mouth, though he is not often seen smoking. He also wears a dark blue bandana on his head during the fight against Akainu, but it is unclear as to whether or not this was always his trademark look.

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Roronoa Zoro Pfp

  • Roronoa Zoro Pfp is the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • His dream is to become the world’s greatest swordsman and defeat his nemesis, Monkey D. Luffy.
  • He has a bounty of 320 million beri according to some sources (this figure may be outdated or incorrect).

He has a scar under his left eye, which he gained before the start of the series. He wears two earrings on each ear, but these were removed when he was imprisoned in Level Six of Impel Down. He is also a skilled navigator and cartographer, able to accurately chart out an entire region’s topography based on only one trip through it.

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Trafalgar D Water Law

Trafalgar D Water Law is a pirate who has many abilities. His bounty is 300,000,000 berries and he is a former member of the Whitebeard Pirates. He also serves as captain of the Heart Pirates and was once a member of Baroque Works before joining Luffy’s crew.

Because of his dream to become the world’s greatest swordsman, Zoro Pfp is extremely dedicated when it comes to training. He spends hours each day training with his three-sword style and even more time resting and eating.


His favorite food is meat, especially beef, but he also likes pervy-cookingFalcon D Water Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates. He is also a former member of Baroque Works and the Whitebeard Pirates. His bounty is 300,000,000 berries and he has many abilities..


  • Aokiji is a former Marine admiral and one of the strongest fighters in the world.
  • He was known for his ability to freeze things with his breath, including ice pillars and even entire fleets at once.
  • He is also known as “The White Hunter,” due to his white hair and beard that he keeps clipped short.

Many people are surprised to learn that Admiral Iceberg is not a native of the North Pole. He was born in the South Pacific, but grew up in Alaska.

He moved to the North Pole when he was twenty-five years old, after serving as an officer in the United States Navy for ten years.

Zoro pfp made by me

Zoro is a swordsman and a pirate. He travels around the world looking for treasures, but he is always in search of a great sword.

Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s best swordsman! He spends all his time training so he can achieve his goal, but there are many obstacles along the way: such as learning how to use your sword properly (it doesn’t come naturally), or finding out what type of person you are inside when it comes down to battle.

Zoro loves meat—he especially loves fish if you give him some hot sauce on top! He also likes drinking wine because it makes him feel strong enough to fight anyone who tries mess with him…or better yet–make fun of his size!


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