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GTA 5 Welcome to the official GTA 5 Guide! If you’re just getting started with Grand Theft Auto V, or if you’ve been playing GTA since the beginning, this guide is for you. This guide will cover everything from basic mechanics to advanced strategies and tips. You’ll learn how to create your own missions, play co-op with multiple players online, find hidden easter eggs in the game world, and much more! jacin’s ruse armor set

Section: Making money in GTA 5

Section: Setting up a good character for both single player and multiplayer

Section: Customizing your character’s appearance Section: Mastering parkour movement in GTAV Section: The best weapons and vehicles


Heists are the main way to earn money in GTA Online, and they can be completed solo or with others. To start a heist you need to first purchase it from Lester after he moves into his new location (the apartment by the warehouse). Once you’ve purchased the heist, all players who have access must gather in one place before beginning—this is usually done through random events that pop up around Los Santos and Blaine County.

Once all players are gathered together, they will be given instructions on how to progress through each phase of their chosen job—and if done correctly, will earn them some money! If you fail at any part of this process though…well…you’ll be out $100k plus whatever else was stolen from those poor people whose lives were shattered when your team took control over their local businesses!

GTA Online

GTA Online is an online multiplayer mode that can be played in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a free mode, and it requires no purchase of the game itself to play it. The only requirements for playing GTA Online are an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account (on PS3 or PS4).

It can be played on either of these consoles with other players via Remote Play or Split-Screen if you have an internet connection on your PC, but not all features will be available offline.


The gunplay in GTA 5 is much more realistic than previous games. You can shoot out tires, the fuel tank of a car, and even windows. There are also new weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles and miniguns that make killing enemies easier than ever before.

GTA Online is an online multiplayer mode that can be played in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a free mode, and it requires no purchase of the game itself to play it. The only requirements for playing GTA Online are an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account (on PS3 or PS4)The shooting mechanics are very realistic and you can aim at specific body parts to target them. You can also perform headshots on enemies from long range if you have a sniper rifle..


You can choose from a number of vehicles to drive, including cars and trucks. The more powerful your car or truck is, the faster you’ll be able to go.

In addition to being able to customize your ride with different designs and colors, there are also several different types of vehicles available for purchase at the beginning of GTA 5:

  • Cars – Most common vehicle type in game. Can be driven by anyone with a driver license (or if it’s not available for purchase at first), but requires little skill on their part since they’re easy enough for any player who wants them with no prior experience required before getting started playing GTA 5!


The three characters who you play as are:

  • Michael, a young man who has just escaped from prison and is looking for revenge against the people who put him there.
  • Trevor, a psychopathic hitman who can be hired by Michael to help him with his missions.
  • Franklin, an ex-gang member turned informant for the police department in GTA 5’s version of Los Santos (Los Angeles).

Side missions and activities in GTA 5

The side missions and activities in GTA 5 are the same as those in other Grand Theft Auto games. You can complete these to gain money, experience points and unlock new things, such as vehicles or weapons.

  • Side missions
  • Theft: These are tasks that you have to do for the police or other characters in the game who want something back from you. You don’t have to complete these if they’re too difficult for you; just don’t get caught by anyone!
  • Gang warfare: This involves fighting against rival gangs who try to take over your turf by attacking yours first (or vice versa). There may also be civilians caught in between so watch out for them!
  • Hobbies and pastimes

Story missions in GTA 5

Story missions in GTA 5 are a large part of the game. These missions tell you what’s happening in the world and how it affects your character.

There are three different types of story missions:

  • Single player – these take place within Grand Theft Auto 5, on either land or sea, as well as some that take place outside of Los Santos (San Andreas). You’ll have to complete several objectives in order to unlock new areas and play time. For example, if you want more money then you can do missions like “Duke” or “Bus Driver.”
  • Online – these are partaken by other players online using their respective platforms like PS4 or Xbox One but only from their consoles themselves; no online gameplay!
  • Story Mode – these take place offline only because this is where all your progress gets reset every time after completing an entire chapter until finally unlocking new things for yourself in future chapters such as weapons etc…

how to play gta5

GTA 5 is an open world action game. You can play it on any of the following platforms:

  • Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4
  • PC (via Steam)

The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, based on real-life Los Angeles. It features three playable characters who you can switch between at any time: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each has their own backstory and skill set, which you’ll have to master if you want to complete missions successfully.


The game is an open world crime drama set in a fictional version of Los Santos, the most populated city in the world. You play as Claude, who you create by choosing from a number of pre-determined character backgrounds such as gangster or police officer. The story revolves around Claude’s attempts to save his family from a criminal organization known as “Los Santos Vagos.”

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